And who is the Eternal Gentleman to which this first line of perfume is addressed ?

For you of course, alighted Parisian or other, eventually a bit dandy, comfortable in all circumstances and in all environments, traveler by choice or circumstance, aware of social events, captured by elegance without pretense and a welcoming appeal.

Let’s together open this closet where the wardrobe of your dreams awaits you. A discrete perfume accompanies you as it allows your friends to recognize you before they even see you, and create at first sight the reassuring climate you wish to surround yourself in.

It is those wardrobes designed with elegant lines where jackets and shirts are perfectly aligned, quietly hung over impeccably polished shoes and waiting to be worn by discretely seductive men, that is the source inspiration for Samuel’s first fragrance edition.

Ladies, please do not feel excluded as you do have your place for you will find in this range of fragrances not only something to please the man in your thoughts but also to satisfy your own desires and stimulate your curiosity.

The conception of a fragrance is presided by the imagination and supported by the capacity to analyze and synthesize the numerous scents that best correspond to the creator’s desire. A tiny detail can mark the difference between a common fragrance, pleasant but quickly forgotten, and one that will surprise the taste buds of those that surround you and create the soft obsession of the moment and the inalterable memory of the one who wears it and who succeeded in transforming the evening into a unique event.

Achieving such an effect is the result of the work of a panel of artisans and collaborators at the summit of their art. This is why Samuel found them in Grasse, the world leading capital of perfumery, assuring the use of the highest quality raw substances/materials, essentially natural and purposefully turning away from synthetic products, following the advised council of the best perfumers who have created what Samuel himself conceived in light of your own intention.

To be at the top of what your choice could be is his main concern.

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